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What the heck is Hillabaloo?

Find out October 20, 2007

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Our customers asked for it and here it is!! INCREASED TRACK COUNT AGAIN!!! How do you make the awesome Yamaha AW4416 better???? The answer is to add another one!!! That's right! We now run two Yamaha AW4416's synced together! This provides seamless 32 track simultaneous record and playback!!! Holy cow!! We have full automation of these 32 tracks and seamless operation of the two systems. We also recently added a Fostex flagship model D2424 hard disk recording system to the AW4416 setup. This means we now 56 tracks available at mixdown!!! Unbelieveable??? You DAMBETCHA!!!! And all of these tracks are fully automated. The Fostex D2424 has improved A/D converters and provides a stable platform for recording your projects. It is complimented with the optional DVD drive and thus provides improved backup capability for your recorded tracks. We have also added quite a few new microphones and a new headphone distribution system that allows for up to 8 different mixes during tracking. A new custom-built desk for the control room has also been commissioned and we expect delivery in early Feb. This addition will improve work flow and help us to streamline the recording process. When you are ready to step up to the next level with your recording project, we will be ready and waiting for you!! Call us today for an appointment to come by and visit the best studio in South Carolina, Windshear Productions...Blowing the Competition Away!!!

2007 Hillabaloo Highlights!!!

WOW!!! What an awesome festival we had this year. Scotty's Bad To The Bone BBQ provided a mouth watering BBQ dinner that was tasty, filling and easy on the wallet. Everyone said it was the best food we every had at the HILLABALOO. The weather was absolutely perfect and Hidden Hills was an absolutely beautiful place to spend an autumn weekend playing music and catching up with old and new friends. The musical talent this year was just amazing!!! I'll be getting some mp3's of selections from the various bands on-line in the next few weeks, but, for now, here's some details on the various musical acts that made the 2007 Hillabaloo festival one to remember!

Kicking off the Hillabaloo this year was Floodtide! They are a group of young musicians from Brunswick GA featuring Donovan Morris on Lead Guitar. Along with Donovan are Will on guitar and vocals, Laniar on drums and vocals and Walt on bass. These guys are an awesome group of musicians with talent well beyond their years. They played classic rock favorites and some new songs that were well received by the folks at the festival. If you ever get a chance to hear these guys, take my advice and go to the show. We are hoping they come back next year to be a part of the festival again.

Next up, during dinner, was SummerLand from Spartanburg SC. These folks were just amazing. I have the pleasure of working with 3 of the members of this band at my day job, and have known them for quite a few years. The band consists of Teresa DeGeer on vocals, Eric McFalls on bass and backing vox, Dennis ? on guitar and backing vox, and Dickie Brown on lead guitar, dobro and vocals. The acoustic music produced by these guys was the perfect background music for dinner. The vocals and musical performance was awesome and gave us all the feeling of going back to a simpler and more peaceful time. Listen out for these guys, you are sure to hear more from them soon.

Everyone ate so much BBQ from Scotty's that we had to wake them up with some rock & roll, so we asked Mr. Ronnie Morris from Brunswick Ga to help us out. Ronnie is Donovan's dad, and after hearing the Ronnie Morris Band play, you can certainly tell from where Donovan got his musical talent. Ronnie along with Donovan on bass, guest Tim Collins on piano, and a borrowed Tim Reed from Windshear on drums, kicked out some classic rock and roll tunes that had everybody mesmerized. You hear all the folks saying, "Wow man, that Ronnie can rock!!" That statement was definitely true! Ronnie's mastery of the guitar was immediately known to all. And I have to add some special thanks to Ronnie for helping me with the console during the shows, I couldn't have done it without him.

Next up, our studio band Windshear jammed on some tunes that a lot folks had not heard in years. The Windshear band features Tony Smith on bass and bg vox, Tim Reed on drums, Danny Messer on percussion and vox, and me, Scott Williams on guitar and vox and special guest Tim Collins on piano. I think a lot of folks were suprised with some of the tunes we pulled out and I have to add a special thanks to my bandmates who were 'on' with their performances that nite.

After Windshear, we had an old favorite come back to jam with us. Jay Woolbright, better known as Jay-Bird to his friends, got up to jam with Tony Smith on bass, Tim Reed on drums, Tim Collins on piano, and Will from Floodtide on guitar. Always a pleasure hear Jay rock out on his Les Paul and the boy was definitely doing that!! We call this last part of the evening "Spanish Bob and the Floaters". You'll have to ask one of us in person what that means, but suffice it to say there is some humor backing the origin. Anyway, at this time we all have an opportunity to jam, so we let Jay-Bird lead that effort.

The highlight of the evening for me, was the final song of the night. I got to perform for the very first time with my 17 year old son, Jared Williams. Jared is a remarkable celloist with 7 years experience in the Greenville County Youth Orchestra. He is also a very talented bass player, and recently started picking the acoustic guitar. So, I asked Jared to join me on stage for a version of Mary Jane's Last Dance, by Tom Petty. Jared Williams on acoustic guitar, Jay-Bird on lead and elec guitar, Michael Szeremi on harmonica and background vox, Tony Smith on Bass and vox, Tim Reed on drums, Tim Collins on piano, and me, on lead guitar and vocals. What a time to remember. I can't tell you how great it felt to be on stage playing with my own son. Wow, words simply can't convey the feelings!!!

I have to take a moment to thank a lot of folks who really made this festival the absolute greates.

First, I want to give some very special thanks to Teresa McConnell, my partner in life, my very best friend, my soulmate, and I hope soon to be Mrs. Teresa Williams, for helping me make this festival dream a reality. I could not even attempt this without her!!

Next, I'll just list them out so you know... Michael Szeremi for playing harp, bringing PA gear, re-stringing my axe, and being my friend! Russ Carroll for bringing a bass rig, playing bass and being my friend, we go back a long way buddy. Ronnie Morris and the gang from Brunswick..I've learned so much from this guy, he's probably forgotten more about about audio than I'll ever know. Thank you Ronnie, thanks for being here and being my friend. And Thanks to Donovan for bringing his band and being one of my kids, I claim him too!!

And more special thanks to all the Windshear Studio gang: Tony & Joy Smith, Cam & Danny Messer, and Shelly and Tim Reed. Your committment and help made the festival possible!!

Let's not forget our caterer Scotty's Bad To The Bone BBQ. Scotty and his family fed us really well with some delicious BBQ and all the fixin's. Thanks Scotty, we look forward to dining with you again next year.

Leigh and Scott Redding: Thanks so much for all your help with the festival. Scott and his wife, Leigh, helped in so many ways I can't begin to list them all, but, I do know they worked the gate, helped with setup, decorations, food, tables and chairs, and the all important clean up. Thanks guys. We appreciate you.

Thanks to Ruth and Greg Mycko and Sherri Blank for all their help cleaning up and helping to keep order during the festival and for breakfast!!!

Thanks to Harold McConnell, Teresa's dad, for letting us have the Hillabaloo at his place, Hidden Hills. There's no other place I would rather have the festival, the place was perfect.

Thanks to our kids, Kade McConnell, Jared & Logan Williams, and Tyler Smith (Tony's son) for all the help cleaning up and taking care of the gate all day on Saturday.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out, but if I did, I apologize, and I want you to know how much we appreciate all your help.

Thanks everyone for coming and making the 2007 Hillabaloo a success!!! See you next year!!!! Take care.

Coming soon: Pictures and music clips from 2007 Hillabaloo!!!

Call Scott or Tony to see how your band can be included in these fun for all festivals. It's a great opportunity to put your act in the spotlight! If you love the outdoors, great food, good friends and awesome music, you have got to come to Windshear Productions Hillabaloo Festival. Our Showcase is titled the HILLABALOO Festival. The festival will showcase more than 4 bands, all of which are involved to some degree with making Windshear Productions the best darn recording studio in the Upstate of SC. The Hillabaloo Festivals will be at Hidden Hills. Be sure to contact us soon for ticket information.

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McGowan's Band
"The Battle Flag of Dixie"

Delivery of the new CD is scheduled for Jan 21, on the anniversary of the birthday of Stonewall Jackson! The band has been working hard on this new release and it promises to be an awesome CD that will not only keep your toes tapping but will also educate you on the true history of the South! Be sure to click on the link above and check out the McGowan's Band website, don't forget to check out a music clip from the upcoming release titled "Ride With Jackson"! Check back here to find out how to get your copy of "The Battle Flag of Dixie"

In The Studio NOW!!

Currently in the studio is a band from upstate SC called Bitter Oath. These guys ROCK! From heavy, multi textured, in-your-face rock to melodic ballads, this band has it all. We are proud to have these guys recording at Windshear and look forward to hearing them live at the Hillabaloo Festival this year. Check back soon to find out when this new release will be available. You won't be sorry!

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Craig Owen
"The Smallest of Things"

A wonderful Celtic flavored, American folk CD!

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